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6 Soulful Steps to Get Reconnected with Your Higher Self

Have you ever misplaced something? Like your TV remote, your car keys or EVEN… your connection to your Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is remarkably wise. Different forms of psychology, religions, and disciplines describe this highest aspect of you with a variety of “labels.” And since you’re on your path, and I’m on mine – I would prefer we overlook the various “labels” and simply agree that there is a “higher aspect” to you and me.

Your Higher Self is without limitation, possesses ageless wisdom, and is an intricate and masterful co-creator who can help unlock the floodgates of financial prosperity through the contribution of your unique gifts.

You are an aware and evolving individual seeking your highest truth, and deep down, you realize there is a tremendous and earth-altering gift resting within you just longing to for discovery.

If found and shared with the world, this gift can benefit humanity and bring you great prosperity. Money, in essence, is energy. The greater your creation and contribution, the greater the potential for wealth and of course, fun and adventure.

Your Higher Self holds the keys, knows the path and has a plan – but it is up to you to “listen and receive.”

You’ve felt this connection from time to time, and yet, sometimes, it is very challenging to find, restore or keep. Why? Well, as a wise man once said: “In losing your life you shall gain it.”

Losing your connection with your Higher Self requires you to remember it. If you can remember how to remember, you become a master. In essence, each time you lose and regain this connection with your Higher Self – the bond is strengthened. Just as an athlete trains the body by working hard and then resting, your spiritual training is fortified by your desire to restore this connection, and your willingness to receive it through the six steps I’m about to share with you:

1. Release

Release the illusion that you must find or seek your Highest Self. This suggests a separation that does not exist. Instead, just sit back into stillness, smile faintly, and allow yourself to accept the truth that your highest self is here, now. This divine aspect of you is never lost or elsewhere, it is here, now, by just being. It is effortless. All is well.

2. Be at Ease

As you settle into the stillness, remember that your body is your friend and ally – it has allowed you to experience this physical world, it has worked tirelessly to keep you healthy, and it looks to you for guidance.

Try focusing on your non-dominant hand and allow it to relax. Let go of any tension that is hiding in your hand. Then allow this relaxation to flow into arm, neck, shoulders, torso and the face. Stay with this simple relaxation and let go of any unnecessary stress.

3. Expand Your Heart

Envision a bubble around your heart, and with each deep inhale, feel the bubble expanding more and more. There is no limit. As it expands, feel it lifting you upward as if the heart bubble is floating all around you. Imagine it to be a very holy and pure white light lifting you and connecting you with your Higher Self.

4. State the Truth

“I am that which I am.”

Here is a powerful and subtle mantra that acts to calm and center the mind, quiet the ego’s unquenchable need to tell you stories of how you should and shouldn’t be and bring you into an energy field that resonates with your Higher Self. As you repeat it, feel the earth below your feet grounding you.

5. Receive

Your Higher Self is always present. It works with angels, guides and all of creation to aid you in this experience so you can learn what you need to learn. In each moment, there is an inner knowing – a voice that is very patient, loving and utterly without fear or doubt that is whispering you guidance. It is not forcing; it is receiving. Not listening with just your ears; it is listening with your entire being.

6. Observe

The sixth sense is a sense entirely different from every other sense. All of your senses are recruited with this advanced form of guidance. When in tune and connected with your Higher Self, your body and brain attempt to relay the connection and message through your senses in different ways at different times.

Therefore, observe body sensations, colors, sounds and thoughts. The telltale sign of the sixth sense is a warm love and sense of peace. Love and light cannot be faked.

In summary, trust in yourself my friend, the Universe loves you, and you’re never alone. Be at ease as your journey unfolds.

If you feel that you’re experiencing a disconnect from your Higher Self what usually helps you re-establish this important connection? Share with us below what makes you feel grounded and aligned with your true, inner self.

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