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Turning An Interest in the Automotive Industry Into a Professional Driving Career

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The automotive industry employs roughly 4.2 million people in the US alone, according to a 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, but there’s more to the automotive industry than simply repairing cars. There are actually numerous other jobs that pay well for recent graduates that don’t require you to work in a shop. If you find yourself day-dreaming about a job that revolves around simply being near or operating a car, truck, van or any other type of auto, you might consider jobs that require you to become a professional driver.

What You Need to be a Professional Driver

Communication skills, great judgment skills, attention to detail and a working knowledge of trucks and how to inspect and service them will all take you far as a professional driver. In regards to education, you will simply need to complete specific driving courses to get your commercial driver’s license as well as complete driving skills and safety course. While your employer will likely provide you with the type of insurance you need, it is important to ensure that you don’t have any prior accidents on your driving record that could make it hard for them to employ you. Most professional truck drivers on the road can expect to earn an average starting salary of $42,500 per year with delivery truck drivers and bus drivers also earning a similar salary for comparable work and skills.

Connecting Consumers as a Professional Truck Driver

As a professional truck driver, you’ll be working to support America’s economy while also being responsible for connecting people all over the country to the products they need in their everyday life. As a truck driver, you can work to transport goods, mainly for logistics service providers, but you can also be employed by postal and courier services. The great thing about being a professional driver is that it provides you with the opportunity to see a large portion of the country, with the option to have more say over your driving assignments as your work your way up the ranks. Among the various professional benefits of working in an industry that helps the country run smoothly and efficiently, professional drivers often get paid vacation and sick days as well as the benefit of being able to enjoy the open road on a daily basis.

Turning a Passion into a Career

This is something many people want to do and few people accomplish. Just because you feel like your passion for cars and driving might be something that isn’t traditionally considered “professional” doesn’t mean it can’t be a real, life-long profession for you. There are plenty of opportunities to put your love and knowledge of cars to work for you. Finding a job that allows you to pursue your passion while learning new, interesting things each day and also provide financial stability is easy in the automotive industry if you put in a little work.


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